1st Anniversary of New Entrance to Corcovado National Park

Doz Brazos de Rio Tigre is a small community located to the east of Corcovado National Park on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. On the 5th of February 2015, they received official permission to create a new entrance to the park and the project has really taken off!

Doz Brazos Corcovado Tours

In the last year, more than 200 travelers have visited this rural tourism project and helped to create sustainable income for the 56 residents.

The Corcovado Foundation celebrated the anniversary with local association ACODOBRARTI and the Ministry of Environment (ACOSA), visiting the community and taking part in several tours along with staff from local hotels and promoters.

Since 2014, the foundation has supported Doz Brazos- helping to train locals, purchase equipment for guides, and provide tools for trail maintenance. We have also helped to get 9 people in the village certified as official guides and are looking to complete the certification of 11 more.

Doz Brazos Corcovado Tours

The enthusiasm of the locals and their passion for sustainable development and the environment has made the project a huge success, which now partners with the National Institute of Learning (INA), the Joint Institute for Social Aid (IMAS), the Institute for Rural Development (INDER) and many more.

In addition to hiking tours within Corcovado National Park, the community offers bird watching, horseback riding, gold panning trips, evening bug tours, and visits to a natural spa with plenty of opportunities to encounter the spectacular flora and fauna of the Osa along the way.

Don Emer, presidente de la Asociacion y Don Eliecer, Administrador del Paque Nacional Corcovado

The Corcovado Foundation was proud to celebrate this one year milestone with Doz Brazos de Rio Tigre and looks forward to their continued success.

You can find out more about the project by calling (506) 83238695, sending an email to info@dozbrazosderiotigre.com or visiting the website.

1st anniversary event Corcovado

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