The association has 138 members, who have joined to continue the community and productive development of the area, taking full advantage of the degree of their organizational structure. They are also making progress toward creating an international market for the coffee grown in this community.

ADIALSI aims to enable sustainable development in the area, through the creation of productive activities consistent with the environment (which also provides quality of life to its residents), creation of opportunities for all sectors of the community’s population, improvement in public services, community-based rural tourism, and rational use of natural resources.

Registration available: All year.

Minimum stay: One week.


  • Aged 18 or over.
  • Good physical condition.
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish.
  • You must be friendly, communicative and able to work in extreme weather conditions for 4-6 hours per day.
  • You must have a medical travel insurance policy for the duration of your stay.
  • You must not use drugs, alcohol or cigarettes during your participation in the project.


About the work: Some of the activities that the volunteers will carry out are development of forest nurseries, construction of infrastructure, support of artisanal crafts and furniture construction, and production and processing of perishable crops, among others.

What about free time?

As a volunteer you will be assigned one free day each week, during which you may choose to:

  • Go for walks in the local community
  • Visit rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, holistic farms, and the nearby La Amistad International Park.
  • Go horseback riding

How much does it cost?

Rates starting at $35 U.S.D per night, per person. Ask about our discounts for extended stays.

This costs covers accommodation, three meals per day, and training. It does not cover snack food, spending money, nor arrival and departure transportation costs.

Important note: There is no ATM in the area, so you should make sure that you bring enough cash for the duration of your stay. Only a few establishments accept credit or debit cards.

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