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Meet our Sponsors

Adopt a Turtle

Adopting a sea turtle is a wonderful way to lend your support to the conservation effort in Drake Bay and protect an endangered species,and it makes a perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Adopt a TurtleYour donation will help to create sustainable conservation jobs for the community by paying for training and salaries for local contracted staff. It will also help to support the core team of biologists at the camp and will provide desperately needed cash to replace and maintain vital conservation equipment and materials. Your donation will also support our environmental education and ecotourism initiatives in the region, and will enable the program to become more self-sufficient. But most of all your donation will ensure that the nests left by your adopted turtle will be protected from illegal egg poaching, and that the maximum number of her hatchlings will make it safely into the sea.


How does it work?

Every year we register hundreds of female Olive Ridley turtles coming to nest in Drake Bay that do not have identification tags and who desperately need a name! By adopting one of these turtles you get the chance to give her a name that will stick with her forever, and you will be kept up to date will her story whenever we see her or whenever one of her nests hatches during the 2013 season.


What will I receive?

When you adopt a turtle you will receive a certificate straight away along with a special fact sheet about Olive Ridley turtles. Then, whenever your adopted turtle comes to nest, or whenever one of her nests hatches, during 2013 we will send you a special report telling you what happened. The report includes the dimensions of your turtle, her identification tag numbers, how many eggs she left, how many hatchlings made it into the sea, and much more. We will even include photos of your hatchlings! Olive Ridley turtles return to nest 2-3 times in one season, so if you’re lucky you might receive lots of updates and photos. Please note that we do not take photos of adult turtles nesting at night, since they don’t like camera flashes :)

When can I adopt a turtle?

You can adopt a turtle for the 2013 season right now by following the instructions below. The nesting season runs from July until December, so please note that you will not hear about your turtle until July at the earliest.

How do I adopt a turtle?

Please follow the below link and make a donation of US$50 (or more if you like) per adopted turtle, remembering to include your email address so we can contact you. At the bottom of the page under ‘Type of Donation’ please click on ‘Other’ and type ‘Adopt a turtle’, and in the ‘Special Requests’ box please include the name of your adopted turtle. It’s that quick and easy! 

Adopt a turtle

Thank you so much for your generous donation, and we can’t wait to tell you all about your adopted sea turtle!


What our donors are saying.....

"I have enjoyed the experience of adopting a sea turtle with the Corcovado Foundation. Receiving pictures and updates has been a lovely highlight to the experience. This is certainly something I would recommend to family and friends."
Kara, USA

"I think you have done a wonderful job with the turtle adoption. I really enjoyed getting the update when she laid her eggs. I am so proud of this project and the work that you are doing."
Kim, USA

"I liked adopting a turtle and I am very glad I got involved. Keep up the good work!"
Jan, Australia
"We have loved adopting a turtle with you. The experience has been great, not only because we have been able to help but also the updating we have received from you about our turtle, where you tell us how many eggs she laid and just letting us know what has been happening to her. It’s beautiful, so we thank you so much for this opportunity and will definitely love to adopt another one!"
Janey, Costa Rica

"Thanks for everything. We think you are already doing a great job!"
Bethan, UK

"Keep on the great job and thanks for helping our world become a better place!"
Omar, Costa Rica

"I am so pleased to hear about the progress of my little hatchlings. I hope they fare well out in the ocean as 20 years is a long time!"
Natalie, UK

"You are obviously doing great things with the project, congratulations! Your contribution to the environment is no small feat."
Emma, South Africa

"We are honored to be part of this extraordinary natural process and supportive for the excellent work this program is doing."
Adriana, Costa Rica

"I really feel happy, full of emotion, as a mother of the turtles!"
Teresa, Costa Rica

"Adopting a turtle makes me very happy. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story."
Juan Carlos, Spain