Bahía Drake

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Bahía Drake

Mapa DrakeLocation: 32 km southwest of Palmar. From Sierpe, a two hours boat ride to get there.

Drake Bay is located in the North West on the Pacific coast at the end of an unsealed road beginning at Rincón de Osa. Traditionally set up for high-end adventure travel, with various expensive lodges among the most established hotels in the area, Drake Bay is developing rapidly and has recently become more accessible to budget travelers. The region is now the main tourism destination in the Osa Peninsula and boasts unrivaled access to the three main protect areas in the peninsula. It is also the only remaining region along the Pacific coast where ‘eco-tourism’ is still the predominant model.

Agujitas Community:
The largest of the villages in the region and home to most of the hotels and tourist operators in Drake Bay, Agujitas boasts a handful of restaurants, bars and shops, several schools and churches, and offers a number of tourist services and attractions, including a small spa, a butterfly garden and a fine river for kayaking and swimming. Agujitas is a relatively busy place and its beach is probably the least beautiful of those nearby, but it does feature a wonderful nature trail that heads South along the coast – all the way to the Corcovado National Park – passing many superior and secluded beaches along the way, such as playas Cocolito and Caletas and playas San Josecito and Rincón.
Also the information center of the Corcovado Foundation is located in Agujitas.

It offers visitors general information about the area and more specific the turtle project and the Rural Tourism projects. The Hostel of the Corcovado Foundation is located in the nearby village El Progreso, just a 10 minutes ride by bus, or half an hour bike ride. The village contains three grocery stores (pulperías), two small restaurants (sodas), a school, two churches, a bar, a community center and soccer field, and Drake Bay Airport. It is also home to the largest of the beaches in Drake Bay, playa Drake, a large river system home to myriad species of bird, and several uninhabited patches of jungle to explore. At the hostel, it is possible to watch howler monkeys, white-faced capuchins, toucans, aracari, scarlet macaws and much more. El Progreso is also home to several of the community-based tours, Madre Selva, Descubre la Naturaleza and Cinta Blanca.

Your work would be part of the time at the office of the Corcovado Foundation or the Drake Bay Backpackers Hostel, offering information to visitors and promoting the local rural tours. Furthermore you would be actively participating in the local tours, to improve the tour information and client service.

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