Community Development Program

The Osa Rural Tours network and our other sustainable community development initiatives work to reduce poverty in the Osa Peninsula, while protecting local eco-systems. This is achieved through:

  • Supporting the creation of micro tourism businesses that incentivize the protection of rainforest on private land.
  • Conducting regular training for local communities in areas such as project management, marketing, accounting and English lessons.
  • Improving essential services such as waste and recycling collection.

The Osa Rural Tours network currently contains 11 projects and protects over 1200 hectares of forest. We have donated more than $32,000 to these local projects since 2012. The Corcovado Foundation has also worked with 10 communities to support waste management, creating a recycling network which is currently in use by 42 families and 10 hotels in the Osa.

For volunteering information please go to the Protect the Rainforests page.

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