Good intentions wont pay the bills.

There are 3A volunteer with a Green turtle on Rio Oro beach sea turtle conservation programs that we are hoping to aid this year: The sea turtle conservation efforts in Rio Oro, Clavito’s Río Claro and Jonathan’s at Guaria de Osa.

This year hasn’t been easy.  Funding is scarce, and the foundation doesn’t have the resources to support the program, like we have done in the past.  In fact, maintaining our seaturtle conservation program  will take a miracle. If we don’t get support this month, we will need to put a halt to our turtle conservation program… and after 11 years of working with these wonderful reptiles this year might be our last one.

To those who has supported us, thank you!  You have been an amazing friend to our program and you have supported us when we have needed it the most.  We really want to thank you for that.  However, we need your support again.  In order to maintain our efforts and provide support to these local projects we will need funding.

Please, join us volunteer  or donate


Preparing for a performance at the Turtle Festival      A baby Green turtle hatches

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