La Palma

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La Palma

Mapa La PalmaLocated near the shores of the Gulfo Dulce, on the way to Puerto Jimenez. About 35 km east of Drake Bay (10 km from El Progreso and the Backpackers hostel) although the bus takes about 2 hours. From or to Uvita it is abour a 3.5 hours bus drive.

Description: The quiet town of La Palma is close to Playa Blanca and the Corcovado National Park.Just southwest of La Palma sits the Indian Reservation of Coto Brus Guaymi, what protects and educates the traditional and cultural influence of one of the largest indigenous groups in the country.

is a unique experience, offered by the family Fletes who take their visitors through their own palm plantation to explain the production process of the palm heart. At the end of the tour, guests are offered a typical dish with fresh palm heart. The two sisters (in law) Yorleny and Eida, are the developers of this project. Yorleny and her family live close by the farm. Eida lives in a small community close by (about 5 km.) called Escondido. She is the vice president of Osa Rural Tours and a well known expert in insects. Eida and her family offer a special night tour to groups (who can also stay at her house as they offer lodging). Both women have a strong community sense and stimulate other women to get involved in sustainable projects, for example they established a women’s group, to increase the income of poor women, making an organic dog shampoo of a particular herb, or making jewelry of coconut.

You would be involved in both projects, although very different but family related. This is a rural experience, for especially young women who are interested in strengthening rural women’s development and empowerment. Your interest is important and appreciated. You would be with Yorleny or Eida, helping them with improving their tours, focusing on information and client service.

The homestay would be at La Palma, as this is a bigger community, offering also community work.

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