Leaders for conservation!

An Educational Strategy aims to sensitize teachers of the key role they play in the development of rural communities and the importance of promoting leadership for the conservation of natural resources

  • 120 teachers from the Grande de Térraba Regional Office are trained to provide Environmental Education for Sustainable Development.
  • The Corcovado Foundation developed a pedagogical strategy that makes it easier for teachers to teach the environmental education.


Learning in the class room about conservation

Learning in the class room about conservation

The South Pacific of Costa Rica is an area of great natural beauty and enormous biodiversity; Unfortunately, it also has the lowest socio-economic development rates in the country. This creates a conflict in the local population: the communities need to use the natural resources for their livelihood, but protecting the natural resource is important for their future. In order to resolve this ancient conflict, it is imperative to adapt productive activities to promote the socio-economic development of communities in a sustainable manner. But for this, it is fundamental to raise awareness about the ecological importance and vulnerability of the place they inhabit. It is necessary to enrich society with students who in the future can be agents of community development: capable of promoting development and environmental protection.

Therefore, the Ministry of Public Education signed a cooperation agreement with the Corcovado Foundation to train 120 teachers in order to promote environmental education for sustainable development. These teachers will have the tools to train a student population of 2000 children. Teachers will receive 5 workshops that will enable them, to promote Sustainable Development as a transversal theme for students.

The manual called: Coexisting with the Community of Life in the South Pacific, is a pedagogical strategy directed to the children of the Osa Conservation Area, to promote a culture of respect for life from an early age and thus expedite the process of Social transformation necessary to counter environmental problems. It also covers topics of great importance such as the conservation of marine resources, which is essential for the survival of human beings on the planet. This strategy was initially funded by the Humane Society and this second edition was made possible by the financial support of HELVETAS Guatemala and the US Department of State. We were only able to put to man work necessary to develop the program because of the help and support of friends and donors of the foundation through globalgiving.org.  Thank you so much!.

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