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Mapa OjochalLocation: the village of Ojochal de Osa lies on the south central Pacific coast. It is approximately 15 minutes south of Uvita and 40 minutes north of Sierpe.

Ojochal is situated where the mountains come down to the sea in the region called Fila Costeña and sits off the coast a little ways, protected by mountainous forest, the perfect spot from which to access the stunning coastline and visit surrounding beaches. The closest is Playa Tortuga, which means “Turtle Beach” in Spanish, and is located about a 15 minutes hike from the village. It is situated at the mouth of the Terraba River which is a part of the Terraba Sierpe National Wetlands.

Playa Tortuga is home to a non-profit organization (Reserva Playa Tortuga) that works to educate locals and visitors alike about the conservation of Costa Rica’s many marine turtles. The Corcovado Foundation works together with the RPT in themes of education and conservation.


The Ojoche project ‘Viva el Ojoche’ (to visit on Facebook)
The project was launched in 2009 by planting the first ojoche tree as a symbol for the start of the project and to embellish the village. The name, Ojochal derives from a tree (the Ojoche) that once dominated the natural virgin rainforest you will find here. Thanks to the efforts of the community the Ojoche tree returns back to the natural ambience of the village through a reforestation program. Visitors can walk the OJOCHE ROUTE and learn about the efforts of the community to reintroduce the famous Maya Ojoche tree and produce foods with the seeds of the tree, known for its health benefits
and Lalo Tour
The owner of Lalo Tour, Gerardo (Lalo) Lopez is president of the Ojoche project. He and his wife Giselle, together with their three daughters (21, 18 and 10 years old) offer their guests horseback tours to explore the primary rainforest, visit a nearby waterfall at the property of his brother Carlos, and get to know the natural and cultural history of Ojochal, in which the Ojoche tree plays an important role. At the end of the tour, visitors enjoy a typical meal prepared by Giselle on a woodstove and served in the beautifully decorated rancho, surrounded by the tropical garden.

Depending your interest, working together with villagers in promoting the trail, cleaning up around the trees, taking care of the nursery of ojoche trees, making signs, visiting the school, giving information to Hotels and restaurants in the area promoting the flyer of the Ojoche Project. You would also join Lalo when doing a tour on horseback or hiking.

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