Playa Hermosa

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Mapa Playa HermosaLocation: 3 km north of Uvita (at km 157 on the coastal road)

The settlement is actually located up an extremely steep hill, on the inland side of the main highway along the Pacific Coast.  It is known for its spectacular view over the Pacific Ocean. Also for the conservation project ‘Playa Hermosa Reserva Biologica’, which is home to ancient tropical trees over 1000 years old. And last but not least its beach bordered by a densely forested reef on the North side, Punta Achiote, and on the South end, by the mouth of the Morete River, habitat to all kinds of wildlife. Playa Hermosa is very popular with surfers. It is good for beginner to intermediate level surfers, as the waves are less powerful than those found at the nearby Dominical beach.

Being a very small community, the atmosphere in the village of Playa Hermosa is peaceful. Here is where you can actually experience the typical rural life. The community offers nature and cultural tours.


The information center of Playa Hermosa is at the entrance of the village.  As it is one road coming up from the coast, everybody passes the center and it is a great location to greet and meet.  Although in reality it is just a window, a terrace with rocking chairs, and a map of the village on the wall.  But it works!  As a volunteer you will be present for a couple of hours a day, talking with local people and visitors about the attractions of the area, the tours offered and the hiking trail in the Reserva Playa Hermosa. The other part of the day, you will work on the community project or help out with one of the tours.

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