Rancho Quemado

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Rancho Quemado

Mapa Rancho QuemadoLocation: Located in the heart of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, 16km east of Drake Bay (10 km from El Progreso and the Backpackers hostel).

Rancho Quemado is a small town of around 200 inhabitants. The community is committed to sustainable rural tourism to improve the quality of life for their residents while protecting their natural environment in the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. The community offers a school, a library and a soccer and basketball field. There is a very successful women’s project called Esperanza, making beautiful products of Cabuya (sisal), like bags, hats and sandals.

While staying in Rancho Quemado, you will be able to hike the community-run hiking trail, The Osa Trail allows you to explore the primary forest, an intact forest, that has not been exploited or touched by man. Primary forests are very rare in the world and they continue to disappear, even though they are places with high biodiversity. You can also fish in the laguna, mine for gold, tour a traditional sugar cane mill, or participate in the almost daily soccer and volleyball games.

Rancho Verde Bed and Breakfast:
The owners Enrique and Alice are active members of the Development Association of Rancho Quemado. Toghether with their three daughters (15, 10 and 5 years old) they offer a small family business which offers three rustic wooden cabins with shared bathrooms in the middle of a pretty garden, with capacity for approximately 15 people. Another bungalow for families is just finished. Their restaurant is famous for its traditional Costarican foods. Once a month they offer products at a Fare in Drake Bay.

Laguna Chocuaco:
Just a couple of kilometers from Rancho Quemado on the way to El Progreso and Drake Bay, you will find the Family Villalobos, offering canoe tours to explore the Lago Chocuaco, their private lagoon, set amidst primary rainforest. You’ll hike through a (interpreted) jungle trail of 1800 meters on the family’s property to reach the lagoon. The three brothers Villalobos (Carlos, Claudio, Jesus) and their sister (Mayra), offer visitors also restaurant service and lodging (cabins). Beside boat tours, also horseback tours and hiking trips to explore the surrounding area.
Volunteering, you would be participating with one of the projects, helping to improve their tour. Also an active participation in community work is very much appreciated in this well organized village.

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