Sea Turtle Program

Our Sea Turtle Conservation Program was established in 2006. The key objectives of the program are to:

  • Protect sea turtle eggs from poaching and natural predation
  • Provide sustainable economic opportunities for local people through eco-tourism and volunteering
  • Educate the community about the importance of conserving natural resources

In 2015, we began working in our new site at Rio Oro and found more than 3000 nesting turtles over the season, making it one of the most important beaches in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. This year, the foundation will be handing ownership of the Drake Bay site over to local association ACOTPRO, achieving one of the original goals of the program!

The program has protected 90% of nests in Drake Bay, tagged over 450 sea turtles and released over 77,000 babies into the ocean! The Corcovado Foundation has also paid over $30,000 in salaries to locals, and generated over $90,000 for families in the volunteering homestay network. The program has trained more than 50 residents in sea turtle conservation and hosted hundreds of volunteers!

For volunteering information please go to the dedicated Sea Turtle Conservation page.

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