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Mapa SierpeLocation: about 30 km from the Pacific Ocean along the Sierpe River, just 15 km from Palmar Sur and a few kilometers from the Pan-American Highway and the Southern Costanera Highway. The distance from Uvita to Palmar is 47 km.

The small, quiet town of Sierpe is located along the Sierpe river, entry way to the largest mangrove reserve in Latin America.  Also known as the gateway to the Osa Peninsula, offering access to Corcovado National Park and the Isla de Caño Natural Reserve.

The mangroves are home to crocodiles, monkeys, sloths and much more. There is also a population of Scarlett Macaws in the area. Due to the remoteness of the bordering Osa Peninsula a lot of the hotels offer their guest pick up services from Sierpe to Drake Bay and its surrounding areas.   Visitors also come to Sierpe for activities like: birdwatching, horseback riding, national parks, boat trip, fishing tours, safari float, canoeing and other wildlife observation activities. Important attractions also are the stone spheres, an icon of the Costa Rican archaeology and cultural heritage of the canton of Osa element. The Sphere museum is located in a banana plantation.

Sierpe Azul, is a tour operator, owned by Enoc Espinoza  and Marcela Picado, offering information and sale of lodging and tour services to the local attractions to national and foreign visitors. Enoc is a well know bird- and nature guide. He is also president of the Association of Guides of Sierpe and managing director of Osa Rural Tours. Sierpe Azul offers a tour of the wetland through the mangroves to observe the flora and fauna, guided by specialists who will help visitors to know in depth this ecosystem so important to the world. The tour can be done by kayak or motor boat. Other tour options: the archaeological site of the stone spheres, the Boruca Indigenous Reserve, Cano Island, whale & dolphin watching.

At the Office of Osa Rural Tours, at the entrance of Sierpe, talking with local people and visitors about the attractions of the area, Osa Rural Tours and the tours offered in Sierpe. The other part of the day, you will work with one of the guides on one of the community projects or help out with one of the tours.

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