Sustainable Tourism Program

The Corcovado Foundation has established a variety of green tourism initiatives in conjunction with local businesses. Our Sustainable Tourism programs include:

  • Responsible Marine Tourism- a certification program for tour operators and hotels to ensure best practice in marine areas.
  • Make a Difference- a network of local businesses which donate $1 per tourist to our environmental programs.
  • Plant a Tree- a carbon offset program for travelers and businesses, working with the Arboretum in Bahia Chal.
  • Drake Bay Backpackers- our non-profit hostel, working to generate funds for our other programs and to promote Osa Rural Tours and eco-tourism.

Our Responsible Marine Tourism and Make a Difference programs are supported by over 10 local businesses. we have trained more than 400 people in sustainable tourism practices and planted more than 120 native trees in our carbon offset program. Our non-profit hostel has generated over $17,000 for our environmental programs and works to promote sustainable tour operators, support the local economy and showcase eco-friendly business practices.

For volunteering information please go to the Drake Bay Backpackers page. You can also find out more about Sustainable Tourism or book your next vacation on the Green Your Trip page.

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