Today we want to thank all our supporters and donors!

Dear friends of the Corcovado Foundation

Today we want to thank all our supporters and donors! Your generosity and the generosity of people like you from all over the world has been key to maintaining our programs alive. And we have been busy making the most of your financial support!

June was a busy month! Our environmental educators have been preparing the local children for their presentation at the Arts Festival. The kids wrote the script and produced a play related to the impact of humans upon ecosystems and how we can all change that. The Children worked tirelessly to get ready for their presentation in June. They are hopeful that they can win the art contest with they can bring their message to their communities.


Our team has also been working with the Osa Chamber of Tourism in their Osa Free of Plastic Campaign. Our organization designed the objectives and activities related to this campaign and now we are trying to support the chamber to disseminate the information amongst schools and businesses. A couple of weeks ago we had a big event presenting the campaign to the Minister of Tourism Mrs. María Amalia Revelo. During the activity we donated educational materials to a local school and planted trees.


The same week we held a TRAILS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION WORKSHOP for the communities in La Amistad Conservation Area. Communities here join forces with parkrangers to protect the national park, they work on the fire brigade and help build trails. This area is waiting for tourism to come to discover it and we want the communities and the park rangers to work together to maintain it as beautiful and as pristine as it is now. The area is a wonderful place for hiking and trekking.  You should check it out! 


The following week we worked with the same community helping them to build capacity. 26 women and men are learning about accounting principles and business management, so that they can make a better management of their projects and they can thrive economically and socially. Healthy communities are key to promote sustainable development.


We continue working with our environmental education program. There is so much going on! Classes in several different schools and exciting activities with local children groups have filled our weeks, keeping our environmental educators busy.  Last week we celebrated our resident bird’s festival. Children were excited designing their bird’s masks and preparing presentations to show their parents about the importance of protecting local birds. These children are taking in their hands to educate their parents.


We have also been preparing for our Sea Turtle Conservation Program in Rincon, which started on July 01st with the first 4 volunteers.  Time to start digging our new sea turtle nursery! We are so excited!


It has been a very eventful month. But that is how we like it.  We are grateful to be able to help children and families become more aware, more productive, more committed and more organized.  We were only able to achieve this with your help.

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